Our technicians bring expert knowledge and professional service to every New York Cities customer. From installing new home heating and air conditioning systems, hot water heaters, humidifiers, air to air exchangers, make-up air systems and electronic air cleaners to servicing your existing HVAC or environmental system, we answer your needs. As an authorized dealership, we specialize in a wide range of the best HVAC systems available today. We will help you find the best system for your specific home environment needs, and install it expertly and quickly.


Air conditioning

East Rockaway Plumbing Construction Co provides air conditioning services, plumbing services, and electrical or gas services. East Rockaway Plumbing Construction Co has provided homeowners and businesses alike, installation, repair, replacement, diagnostic/controls, indoor air quality and preventative maintenance services for their comfort needs.
Whether your air conditioner uses your furnace’s air handler system or you have a separate air handler, it is essential to regularly clean or replace your air conditioner filters. A clean filter promotes your health by improving your home’s air quality. It also allows your air conditioner to run more efficiently, which can save you money on energy bills and help you avoid costly repair or replacement.
Depending upon where you live, you’ll want to replace your air filters or clean reusable filters at least four times a year and as often as every month. Remember, with filters you get what you pay for. Keeping dust and dirt out your system is critical to a system’s well being.